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Periodismo y relaciones p??blicas

Public relations specialists, like lawyers (a club to which I belong), lobbyists and ambassadors, are all professional advocates. Being an effective paid advocate of a client’s point of view has absolutely nothing to do with journalism, other than perhaps the writing of press releases (a skill that can be learned in about 20 minutes).

Peter Scheer
Huffington Post
October 22, 2009

Duro pero cierto.


La magia del cine

Hollywood can never be reduced to its physical remains, to false fronts or plastic film. This is an industry that delights in creating something memorable out of something fake

Lo escribió el año pasado Jonathan Kuntz, profesor de cine en la Universidad de California, pero sigue siendo actual. No deja de impresionar que de la conjunción de elementos dispersos e inventados, surja algo casi vivo: la historia.