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David Bordwell at the Screenwriting Research Conference in Brussels

This year I have not been able to participate at the Screenwriting Resource Network’s fourth annual Screenwriting Research Conference, and I missed it.

Nevertheless, there is always someone who has the strength and generosity to write a fine summary of the Conference. In this case, the author is not “someone” but one of the key-speakers, David Bordwell.

I have enjoyed a lot his post Scriptography, at his blog Observations on film art.

This is the ending sentence of Bordwell’s post:

I think, that they [the academics and practitionairs who attended the Conference] are posing questions at a level of sophistication that my 1960s cohort couldn’t have envisioned. Despite what the cynics say, there is progress in academic work.

Just as well!

I encourage to read the full post.

By the way, I have published the paper that I read at the third annual Conference last year, in Copenhagen: Screenwriting Research: History, Theory and Practice. The title is a little bit provocative: The Practical Value of Theory: Teaching Aristotle’s Poetics to Screenwriters. I would love to get feedback, if someone has the patience of reading it.